Is my SEO “Working”? How Google Search Console and Google Analytics Can Help Measure Digital Perform


Aug 01 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Online Meeting (Live)
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Many of us small business owners are investing financial resources, time, or both in improving our SEO and our overall digital marketing performance. But are our efforts proving worthwhile? Answering that question requires some knowhow in Google Search Console. GSC – formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools – is a powerful free platform that can tell business owners how their website’s SEO game is working on Google. In this webinar we’ll answer the following questions:

– What kind of data can we get from Google Search Console and how can we know if our digital efforts are working?

– What other helpful things can we do with Search Console?

– How can we get around in the Google Search Console platform?

– How can you set up Google Search Console for your website?

We’ll also spend time talking about Google Analytics (GA), which is Google’s free web analytics platform. We’ll talk about some of the ways business owners can use GA, and the upcoming switch from the legacy platform to the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4). We’ll also introduce some basic concepts like conversion tracking. We will provide links to video resources for things like GA4 setup, basic reports, and conversion tracking implementation for any attendees who want access to video tutorials after the webinar.

Zack Duncan is the Digital Marketing Executive in Residence with the University of Pittsburgh. He teaches a class in Digital Advertising and Analytics and helps students get certified in Google Ads and SEO.

Zack is the owner of Root and Branch, a small digital marketing and analytics agency based in Pittsburgh. They specialize in SEO, paid search, digital analytics, and content strategy, and provide digital marketing training services.

Prior to Root and Branch, Zack had a number of roles at local companies including as a Director of Marketing Planning at Dick’s Sporting Goods and as the Director of Customer Marketing at GNC. He enjoys planning, forecasting, implementing plans, and then measuring results.

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